Getting To Know Me

Many of you probably don’t know to0 much about me. Well there’s two words to sum me up and everyone I know could say the same thing and that is “Science Geek”. Usually a person completely loves science or absolutely hates science and let me tell you, I completely love science 100%. I have enjoyed hearing new science advancements and achievements throughout my whole life. Because if you think about it, everything we look at is science.

Many children ask their parents, “Why is the sky blue?” or maybe, “Why is the grass green?” Well, I could go into so much detail where no one, probably, would be able to understand besides you and all the other science geeks like me. We would probably give such a detailed description that children, including non-science lovers, would have no idea what we were talking about, even after the first sentence…am I right?

*Cheers to us for caring about science!*

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